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Coal mining geology

Applied coal geology is our sole concern, specialising in the coalfields and associated energy resources of Western Canada and the Pacific Rim. We've been doing this since the mid-1970s, and enjoying it as we've followed the coal trade through four boomtimes and four downtimes, into what appears to be a fifth boomtime nowadays.

Our principal geologist is Gwyneth Cathyl, MCIM, RMSME, P.Geo. (B.C.), Lic.Geol. (Washington) who has published a few rather obscure technical papers on the geology and development of coal and energy resources in Alberta and British Columbia, and is co-author of a geological atlas of the principal coalfields of Vancouver Island.

Offered are the following services:

Contacting us:

To be clear, fieldwork or poking about at the coalface is a far finer endeavour than the daily routine of the office. We are therefore more findable via e-mail  or mobile phone, than by any other means.

Our e-mail address is:

Our mobile telephone number is:
(978) 3O2-769l

Landline, for those who care to use it (with the caveat that nobody might be in the office to answer the phone), is:
(25O) 336-2895

The address of this document is: http://www.westwatermining.com/index.html
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